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Level - Level Sensors for Hotmelt 

High-Temperature Sensors 

Contacless - Level Sensors


Level Sensors for the level regulation and measurement up to 250°C hot materials, e.g.:


  • hot-melt - adhesives   
  • waxes   
  • glues   
  • oil   
  • high-temperature materials   
  • chemicals  
  • Large assortment of individual probes 
  • High EMC-safety 
  • Small housing dimensions

V25-80/120 Capacitance Level Sensor

  • Suitable for controlling 2 levels

CNS-606 Continuously Capacitance Level Sensors

  • Fluid levels detected continuously   
  • Outputs MIN and MAX signal   
  • Small size   
  • Very easy level measurement

Level sensors are indispensable instruments for the precise detection and control of material quantities in industrial containers. Tippkemper Elektronik offers advanced level measurement and control solutions that deliver reliable results even in demanding high-temperature environments.

Our high-temperature sensors are specially designed to work precisely even at extreme temperatures of up to 250°C. They are ideal for use in materials such as hot melts, waxes, hot glues, oils, liquid plastics and adhesives, high temperature materials and chemicals commonly used in production processes.

With our non-contact level sensors, we offer an innovative measuring method that does not require direct contact with the medium. This technology is ideal for handling hot, sticky or corrosive media, as it does not require wearing parts and therefore enables a longer service life and lower maintenance requirements.

For processes that require precise level control, our level sensors are an indispensable component. They ensure that the fill level is kept exactly within the specified range, which increases efficiency, reduces material losses and guarantees consistently high product quality.

Discover the optimum level measurement solution for your high-temperature application at Tippkemper Elektronik to make your processes safe, efficient and cost-effective.